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International Guideline Training and Certification Program

Mission & Vision

Information Box Group


To establish INGUIDE certification as an essential pre-requisite and global standard for health guideline development through structured, evidence-based education. We aim to empower individuals with the necessary skills to create systematic, effective, and high-quality guidelines, ensuring that healthcare practices worldwide are informed by the best available evidence and international quality standards. Our commitment is to advance the field of guideline development, promoting consistency, quality, and inclusivity in healthcare recommendations that impact millions of lives.


INGUIDE envisions a world where the development of health guidelines is uniformly informed by the highest standards of scientific rigor, transparency, and inclusivity. Our aspiration is to be the leading global provider of guideline related education, fostering a community of people equipped to produce recommendations that shape the future of healthcare. We strive to bridge knowledge gaps and build capacity across diverse health systems, ensuring that every guideline reflects the highest standards of quality, consistency, and expertise. Through our efforts, we aim to contribute to a healthcare landscape where every person, regardless of geographic location or background, benefits from evidence-based, expertly crafted recommendations that guide care and policy decisions.